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In occasione del Giubileo Celestino - consulenza gratuita a chi ha necessità

legal advice 

- To victims to claim for their rights violated before the

European Court of Human Rights,

namely protecting the basic rights of the individual or group

from suppression by the prevailing majority;

- To offer solutions to problems concerning International

Private Law, e.g. mixed nationality/race couple;

- To offer advice for small business companies.

Interest Areas
- Public International Law:

Human Rights Law;

- Private International Law;

- Small Business Companies.





- University of Oxford -





Webinar, Nov 16:  "State-sponsored social media

affecting Democratic movements in real ways" 

Many thanks to North American Office, Oxford


Meeting Minds Global -

Meeting Minds -
Celebrating 15 years: 16-18 September 2022

Many thanks to Alumni Office

"Philosophy of Religion".

Many thanks to Professor Khaldoun Sweis

Summer essay competition presenting

a paper about Giacinto Auriti's theory,

@ Oxford Human Rights Hub:

Finance and Human Rights. 

"Ethics: an introduction". 

Many thanks to Professor Shlomit Harrosh

Oxford program "International Human Rights Law" IHRL SS; Economic, Social, and Cultural Rights.

New College

Manners Makyth Man.

Many thanks to HRH Princess Sarah Al-Feisal

Elusive Equalities @ Oxford Human Rights Hub, 

 Pembroke College

Many thanks to Professor Sandra Fredman

"Philosophy of Science".

Many thanks to Professor Amber Riaz, and Bob Stone

- Universidad de Cádiz -

Licenciatura en Derecho - Máster Universitario en Abogacia 

Muchas gracias Profesor Juan María Terradillos Basoco, y Ilustre Colegio de Abogados

- Ilustre Colegio de Abogados de Jerez de la Frontera, 

C/ Sevilla, 37

11402 Jerez,


En período sabático

Moorish Architecture - Al Andalus

- Università degli Studi di Teramo - 

Molte grazie alla Prof.ssa Maria Gabriella Esposito.

Tesi dalla Professoressa Maria Gabriella Esposito,

- Teoria generale del diritto -

sul maestro Giacinto Auriti

"Etica naturale-razionale ed etica convenzionale"

- Ed ascoltando al leggier mormorio...


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In the city of dreaming spires may happen HRH Princess Sarah befriends you!!
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